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About us

Evolve art & Design
Creating Opportunity for Artists.

We bridge artists with people and companies in order to stimulate Japanese art and design. With being bound by a single concept or common sense of the past, we will focus on new genres that will evolve due to the evolution of the world, and the value of “things” and “people” that have not yet been discovered, creating new opportunities and markets.
We will develop new values and create new values.

MONSTER Exhibition 

MONTSER  Exhibition
Shibuya(Tokyo) 2013 - 2020

MONSTER Exhibition is an art project on the theme of ”Kaiju”(MONSTER).

In 2011, when the home of the promoter of the project was swallowed by the tsunami, artists offered their support. It gave impetus to the project, and in 2013, the first MONSTER Exhibition was held.

The purpose of this art project is to use the power of art to create an opportunity for many people to get together and remember “the day” that people tend to forget as time goes by.
The ”Kaiju”(MONSTER) in the theme is a metaphor for the tsunami that swallowed everything that day. The reason was to put together an exhibition that many people could enjoy, as it was not a direct expression through a ”Kaiju”(MONSTER) incarnation.

MONSTER Exhibition in the future
We believe the purpose of this exhibition has now come to an end. The reason is that large-scale natural disasters have since kept occurring at home and abroad. Currently, we work as a new art project while keeping the theme and charity work alive.

The interpretation of ”Kaiju”(MONSTER) is left to the artists. ”Kaiju”(MONSTER), which exists in a unique Japanese context, excites the artists’ imagination. In order to give free rein to that imagination, we do not stipulate genres such as video, painting, plastic art, graphics, games, ikebana, and architecture.

As a group of artists and creators, we are not bound by a single concept or a common sense of the past. In 2017, we established Evolve Art & Design Japan, a general incorporated association, which is a nonprofit institution, with a mission of providing opportunities for new genres that will emerge from the evolution of the world, with an eye on the value of “things” and “people” that have not yet been discovered.

Through MONSTER Exhibition, which is one such mission, we will develop new value and contribute to the evolution of Japanese traditional and modern art.

A portion of the proceeds from the works of art at MONSTER Exhibition will be donated to the Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Fund or areas where natural disasters have occurred, and we will carry on our activities on a continuous basis.

NewYork 2013 - 2017

Barcelona 2016 - 2018

berlin 2018

Paris 2019

Curator : Miyuki Shoji
After working at a systems company, I began working independently as a web developer and designer. The 3.11 disaster's ramifications on my hometown prompted me to establish Art Project. I have spent the eight years since organizing art exhibitions in Shibuya and overseas. I also studied at Musashino Art University and am now a certified curator. As I continue to work with art and artists from all over the world, such as from NY, Berlin, Paris, London, Milan, Venice, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, I constantly look forward to taking my next steps.

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